Single party prisma dortmund

Across Dortmunds borders the FZW is famous arround the Dortmund U. The great hall offers space for many party addicts, with a fascinating sound system, the Hall is acoustically optimized and promises to concerts and parties the best sound.FZW offers music for everyone from Rock & Pop to 80s & latest music.

Single party prisma dortmund

Then the "Café Hösels" at the Brückstraße is the right club for you.Veranstaltungshinweis Dortmunds große Ü40 Party !!! Juli 2017 in der Nachterlebniswelt PRISMA in Dortmund. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------Herzlich Willkommen! In "Ruhrpott" language we say: "Getz aber ma wacker inne Puschen kommen!Denn das schönste am Wein is dat Pilsken danach."What that means, you have to find out when you visit Dortmund...

Single party prisma dortmund

Students will not forget the "Keller-Club", because "Wer nicht lieb ist kommt in Keller" in english ( "who is not nice is coming to the Keller") - this is true for years now for the Dortmund nightlife.On Thursdays, the club is filling with party animals, students from Dortmund and surrounding.The "Daddy Blatzheim-Club" located directly at the "Westfalenpark" at Buschmühlenteich is a multifunctional club. Single party prisma dortmund-61 Besides changing Party events with plenty of house beats there are also concerts and exhibitions taking place in the location. right in the heart of Dortmund at the "Kampstraße 45", Sushi bar, Bar and Club in one location, paired with a wonderful terrace which leaves nothing to be desired. Die Infos zu den Locations werden von Veranstaltern, Locationbetreiber, DJs usw. Diginights ist lediglich Hostprovider und daher nicht verantwortlich für Inhalt oder Grafik.

Bei Verstößen gegen das Urheberrecht verwenden sie bitte die "Location melden" Funktion.Schrille, trendige und extravagante Kleidung ist ausdrücklich erwünscht.Das Mindestalter beträgt freitags 16 Jahre, samstags grundsätzlich 18 Jahre. Stark alkoholisierten Personen wird der Einlass verwehrt.The sushi bar offers delicious sushi variations and towards the weekend it becomes a Bar and Club. is a mixture of vocal house, 70s/80s, charts, electro and mainstream. Extravagant and unique, it offers through its surface low 360°glazing a breathtaking view over the rooftops of Dortmund. During the day it’s a restaurant, at night on the weekend it turns into a night club with different party events.As you can see Dortmund offers a lot of different party possibilities, let convince yourself and spend a great party evening in the "Ruhrgebiet".


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