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Strictly spoken, an agate is not a mineral variety name counts as a valid mineral name - the valid mineral name for all varieties is "quartz".

I′m talking about a specimen being a mineral or not, and that depends on its homogeneity in terms of crystal structure and chemical composition.')" on Mouse Out="tt_off()".

Single idar-oberstein

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Single idar-oberstein

A chert can be both multicolored and slightly translucent, but it will not be called an agate, as it lacks certain properties that are only found in agates.There are other types of chalcedony that are clearly and sharply banded, but should nevertheless not be called agates. To really understand agates one has to look at the microscopic structure of agates and other types of chalcedony, and that literally means that one has to use a microscope.despite being just gray, the specimen in the image to the right from Ashland, Oregon, shows banding and would qualify as an agate.This is still not the complete story, as structural considerations also play a role in classifying a specimen.Die Partnersuche Idar-Oberstein hilft dir, den richtigen Partner in Idar-Oberstein und Umgebung zu finden. In den Kontaktanzeigen für Idar-Oberstein kannst du kostenfrei schon mal einen ersten Blick auf das Profil werfen.


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