Lollar single coil for humbucker pickups

This heartwarming holiday fun-fest has it all: Mouth-watering adjectives. Plus, the mere fact that you’re winding coils around a narrow, tall humbucker bobbin rather than a wide, low P-90 one has sonic implications.

It’s not a perfect solution, but better than most, and in the end quite revealing. Gibson’s ’50s original are notoriously inconsistent in their output, even their magnet type.

Here, the El Rayos retained their capacity for producing clear highs, tight lows, and that beautiful touch-sensitivity without losing the wooly and warm qualities that good PAFs impart to bluesy riff work and melodic leads.

Another of the El Rayo’s real strengths shined bright when dropping the Les Paul’s tone controls.Indeed, the El Rayo was designed with the intent of merging the bright and snappy topend of a single-coil with the punchy prowess of a traditional, PAF-type humbucker. Partnersuche marktwert Behind the Chrome There are some very unique design aspects behind the traditional-looking chrome cover of each El Rayo. Cons: May be too tight and bright for some guitars or players.They don’t gush like some of the hotter pickups in this group, but they provide fine high-gain sounds.

Lollar single coil for humbucker pickups

In his workshop not far from Seattle, he crafts some of the finest, handmade Gibson- and Fender-style pickups in the business, along with top-notch versions of more specialized pickups like Charlie Christian-style and Rickenbacker Toaster Top-style units.His newest humbucker offering, the El Rayo, reveals a lot that we already know (that Lollar can make a wicked humbucker), and offers a few surprises about how clear a humbucker can be.If your humbucker guitar sounds like it’s trying to sing with marbles in its mouth, a set of Duncan Phat Cats will make it spit ’em out, pronto. Lollar single coil for humbucker pickups-78 They excel at styles that demand crisp precision, and they’re a fine option for darker-toned guitars. Each pickup is wound with specially formulated copper wire and alnico magnets— an alnico 5 in the neck and an alnico 8 in the bridge—which adds up to a beautiful, wide-spectrum tone-palate that effectively bridges single-coil and humbucker voices.

In fact, Lollar suggests mixing them with traditional single-coils to help beef up your sonic range.

See our selection of miscellaneous single-coil pickups below.

Jason Lollar is one of the undisputed kings of aftermarket pickups.

Thunder and Lightning If you like the fat sound of a good set of P-90s, but have a humbucker-sized hole in your guitar to fill, the El Rayos are a musttry. Cons: Low output makes them less than ideal for high-gain, bottom-heavy music.

The upper-mid presence is strong, but not so much that it overpowers the rest of the spectrum. Tones: Versatility: Build: Value: Street: 5 each Lollar Pickups The El Rayo offered up an almost night and day difference from a PAF-style pickup in terms of bite, touch sensitivity, and overall character.


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