Kæreste Nyborg

To keep all these plates spinning at home and in her workplace, she had to change and assume the mantle of her considerable power.

kæreste Nyborg

This is Denmark’s stock exchange, and I find Knudsen in a jaw-droppingly grand hall with stained-glass windows; she’s slouched against a chocolate-brown pillar, posing for her photo.People think you’re odd, but I could blame it all on being Danish.’ On returning home, where her acting peers found her odd, she shrugged and said she had trained in France. Knudsen took theatre roles in Denmark, and made her film debut at the age of 28 in a comedy called Let’s Get Lost.'It was completely improvised, so I had to create my own character and dialogue,’ she recalls.Today, there’s something of the rock chick about Knudsen.Her hair is longer and wilder, and she is dressed all in black – jumper, jeans, high-heeled knee-length boots, all designed to hug her body.

Kæreste Nyborg

But travel it did, and in Britain the 20 hours of its first two seasons have been eagerly devoured.Viewing figures grew and grew, finally rising above the one million mark – unheard of for its channel, BBC Four. Knudsen thinks it must be the way Borgen blends the personal and the political.Passers-by, being approached by one of the most famous actresses in their country, simply smile at her, almost shyly. Knudsen won a TV Bafta and an Emmy nomination last year.Prominent politicians in several countries are avid fans: Hillary Clinton sent the producers a warm message about the show, while the French President François Hollande is an addict; Saturday nights are reportedly Borgen nights for Ed Miliband and Justine Thornton.To widespread surprise, it became a big hit and she won two domestic acting awards. Denmark’s leading film directors took an interest and she appeared in two films by Susanne Bier, the second of which, After the Wedding (2006), was nominated for an Oscar for best foreign film.

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