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1948 Kredsen af 1948 (The Circle of 1948) is established in the city of Aalborg (north Jutland). The man behind the idea and the driving force of the association is Axel Lundahl Madsen (later Axel Axgil).

gay dating danmark Faxe

1949 changes its name to Forbundet af 1948 (League of 1948) after opposition by an order of nuns who believe they have sole rights to the name “Kredsen”.With a few interruptions, the magazine is published until 2007 under such titles as Pan – bladet for homofile (Pan – the magazine for homophiles), Pan – bladet for bøsser og lesbiske (Pan – the magazine for gays and lesbians) and Panbladet (Pan Magazine).It is then revived with three further issues in 2009.Following World War II, the focus is on democratic values and rights, and homosexuals begin to organise themselves.Unlike other groups that were persecuted during the War, homosexuals are not included in the 1948 United Nations Declaration of Human Rights.

Gay dating danmark Faxe

Forbundet af 1948 publishes the first issue of the periodical Vennen (The Friend).The publication serves as a membership magazine from 1949 until 1952.It has since been supplemented and regularly updated by the LGBT Library. Danish law from 1683 stated: “Relations against nature is punishable by execution”.By a law of 1866, the death penalty was replaced by a sentence of prison labour.Riots at Stonewall Inn in Christopher Street, New York, marks a new beginning for homosexual liberation and the struggle for equal rights.

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