Dating regler stevns creek

I personally would not want any dealership (BMW/Porsche/Audi etc etc) doing the PPI but when i am 2000 miles away,i want some one who would/could be held responsible for any mis-representation.The dealer is suppose to a)-Send me an itemized check list as to what was checked and what wasn't.Bike Customer Service and Sales Representative – Scotts Valley CA 95066 If you have a passion in customer service and a drive to be the best, we have a great opportunity for you!

dating regler stevns creek

The other porsche re-funded all the money back with out any hassle and luckily the compression/leakdown numbers came out all great.The only reservation I'd have is the same reservation I'd have with any dealership performing a PPI. seriöse dating portale Hamburg Does the dealer have a fudiciary interest in seeing this used Turbo sold other than it might get your used car service business? Be sure you know what the PPI involves and that you will know if the car's been poorly repaired after an accident; that the body/chassis is straight and that the alignment adjustment hasn't been used to align a bent car; you get a readout of the DME overrevs (and ask for an interpretation (and pass it along here as a sanity check)).I can see maybe missing the bent strut but not the other items. I would never use the dealer the owner has used for years (and who will service his new porsches).If they've taken care of the car they are conflicted by that as well.

Dating regler stevns creek

Also, you question would an indy have the resources to stand behind a screw you actually THINK a Porsche dealer puts 'on the line' with a PPI? You'll need to sue them just like anyone else...people seem to think that nice buildings, smarmy telephone matters, etc, etc, translates into some fiscal assurance- there is none.But at least you are doing a PPI- many do not, and seem surprised when issues arise "out of the blue" Good luck A Several years ago when i purchased my '91 C2 Turbo,i had a porsche dealer near Knoxville, TN do a PPI with compression/leakdown test for me.b)-Definately the over revs and it's interpretation.c)-Paint meter reading to confirm all panels have the same paint thickness d)-Check the fluids and see how they look.Compression numbers were all fine ( 125 all across the board ) and i was charged $450 or something like that.

Low and behold,a week later,the car started sputtering etc etc and actually died on me while on the road.


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