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History and Background of Toledo blades The quality of blades from Toledo, Spain is well known today, and well established in history.

Indeed, weapons of superior quality — which means of both superior steel quality and smithing workmanship — have been produced in Iberian region since 500 B. In fact, Hannibal used Iberian steel to defeat the Roman armies in the Punic Wars (256 B.

Establishing the historical quality of Toledo blades Researchers looking through 16th and 17th century documents discovered quite a bit of evidence which showed how highly Toledo blades were esteemed.

In this particular case, the subjects of the regulation were sword blades, and the documents offer a list of different types, classified by their place of origin, and their corresponding price.In the image to the right, the letter “A” shows the blade before testing.“B” shows the segments cut out for scanning and testing.Unfortunately, the research did not test for hardness, but instead only compared chemistry and structures.In conclusion, the paper states the very great likelihood that the false AYALLA marked sword was actually made in Solingen, given the similarities in carbon content, construction, and micro-structure formations which suggest a similar forging and tempering process was used on them.

Dating portal Solingen

“C” shows the parts of the blade after cutting for testing purposes.The sword was obviously in bad condition, with the nickle-plated surfaced heavily tarnished.All were forged as weapons of war, not as ceremonial or display pieces.History and Background of Solingen swords Solingen is a German city well known for its production of steel and blades.The micro-structures making up the tang and base of the blade were perlite and ferrous iron, with the actual core and blade edges were found to be tempered martinsite, capable of sustaining an extremely sharp cutting edge.

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An indication of a core weld was found, suggesting the core may actually have been composed to two pieces of steel welded together. The other blade bore the hallmark of TOLEDO and AYALLA, suggesting it was made by a famous Toledo smith, Tomas de Ayalla.In the two lists used for the study, Toledo is always marked prominently as the place where the most expensive blades, that we suppose of rapier type, given the context, came from.” One of the price documents Gerner references (Metallographic study of some 17th and 18th c, European sword (rapier) blades) lists a Toledo rapier’s maximum price as 24 “reales” (Spanish “royal” silver coin); A sword from Seville was marked as 22 reales; A blade from Germany was 10; One from Genoa was 8, and those from Toulouse were also 8 reales.While an interesting comparison, one should keep in mind that the local city leaders might well have a bias and a lot of self-interest in seeing Toledo prices set higher.These were used so a to produce an equal comparison.One blade was marked SOLINGEN, seen below This blade displayed a laminar construction near the tang (a steel core wrapped in carbonized iron), changing to a wholly steel core and edge as one moved up just past the tang.


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