Dating hard work

But if we move past all the smartphones and gadgets and websites and take a hard look at the lives of Gen Y, we will notice that dating has become harder than ever.The principal reason behind dating being so hard these days is that over the course of the last decade people’s lives have become increasingly demanding and hectic.Our jobs, be it in the industry or private business or academia have left most of us feeling drained at the end of a hard day’s work.

This makes people more and more wary of using such websites; even if they do there are apprehensive of opening up and overly guarded in their responses which defeats the very purpose of such websites.The very last question they asked her was: What’s your take on online matchmaking services and apps like Tinder and Ok Cupid? As she was asking me these questions, I was realizing that I had never thought of the answers in any detail before.( “I want a hot guy who is smart and successful and compassionate” just isn’t enough here. It’s actually just as difficult, if not more difficult, than trying to meet someone the old fashioned way. I’ve been dating someone for almost three months that I met online and I am convinced we are working out because when I met him, I knew exactly what I was looking for, could articulate it to him in a way that empowered me, and was in a happy, healthy place in my own life.And I LOVED her response: Here’s the deal: the systems aren’t broken, the people are broken. By this time, I had gone on what felt like hundreds of dates – so I had a lot of experiences to draw from. Everyone wants that.) It was one of the few times in my life I was caught with nothing to say. ANYWAY: we all know that people don’t necessarily like to do hard work – especially on themselves. Sure, sites and apps like Coffee Meets Bagel does make it easier to meet someone you might never run into IRL, but at a base level, the effort you need to put into the process is still the same – if not more. Prior to meeting him, when my end goal was more along the lines of finding someone to go home with, rather than finding someone to come home to, doing the work on myself was also extremely helpful as I was able to articulate what I wanted and my expectations of any given situation with a potential new match from the very beginning.With the highly specialized areas of work in today’s job market and the frenzied pace of life in the corporate/academic world, there is very little chance of forging associations outside one’s sphere of work.This leads to more and more couples springing up from the same workplace.

Dating hard work

It is therefore advisable to work on your trust, abandonment or other issues before embarking on healthy dating choices. The idea and conception of this blog came to me as a part of my quest to find the latest updates going around the web.Follow me on Twitter @Im_Rahul Sharma I am Rahul Sharma a freelance Creative Writer. I am not just passionate about Trending and Tech Stuff but in fact I am totally into it.This mental setup is common among a growing section of people. Dating hard work-42 The attributes that have come to define us and the overexposure that the 21 century human is subjected to leaves no dearth of psychological problems.This consequently affects their personal life and relationship dynamics to an extent that they eventually break up.

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